Working from Home Security Risks

Working from home in today’s market has become common practice for some organizations. Employees feel like they are more productive at home, and 76% of those surveyed say, that when they need to get the work done, they avoid regular office hours.  Plus working from home, you get;

  • Fewer interruptions from colleagues
  • No office politics
  • Reduced commuting stress
  • More comfortable work environment

So working from home is great… but there are some serious downsides. Only 50% of those who work from home actually stay at home to work. A significant portion of people take their work to coffee shops or other public places. This creates an obvious security risk as employees working out of home, not in the office are using public Wi-Fi which is usually unsecure. This means that anything you are working on is susceptible to third party viewing.

Home worker

IT professionals work hard to make the office space a secure network for data filing and transferring, but have little to no control over devices using public Wi-Fi, even if they are using a secure user on their device. This doesn’t mean that employees shouldn’t be allowed to work from home; but those who do need to take precautions.

  • Utilize Mobile Device Management software on primary machines when off site.
  • Create Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep out third party viewing of your user.
  • Create strong policies in regard to data sharing and make sure employees are educated on how to safely and efficiently transfer data from one device to another.

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