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To share with internal and external users, Pro Group Networks is the ideal solution for organizing, protecting and monitoring sensitive documents. The secure and high availability platform offers advanced features along with numerous connection/integration options and an intuitive user interface, all supported by our 24/7 support.

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Improve your productivity with Pro Group Networks. Send securely, share, and get comments, approvals and even electronic signatures on any file, quickly.

Protect your most sensitive business data with virtual data rooms
Our Cloud File Sharing Services are available for your most confidential offers without download, plug-in or installation required.

Pro Group Networks offers businesses a more secure Cloud File Sharing Services. With all the features you need to create a robust online file sharing solution, secure document sharing has never been easier.

Make sure the work is running efficiently in your business with a single point of access for all business content. With hundreds of integration partners built into existing content collaboration tools, teams can work on devices of their choice as they see fit. Transparent, secure, streamlined.

Unify your content and your teams.
Connect all content from users, via apps, to devices with a single collaboration platform. Secure Virtual File Sharing automatically within your organization, ensuring that internal and external teams always have access to the latest versions, regardless of their location.

Data security is paramount for virtual data rooms that provide a highly Secure Virtual File Sharing for document sharing, most often of a financial, business, or legal nature. Depending on the use of the data room, parties have access to secure data from different locations. Otherwise, the company may prefer to use Virtual File Sharing as an enterprise data repository.

To ensure data security, VDRs use physical and virtual security features, ranging from perimeter security in data centers to configuring document access rights for data room users. More recently, VDRs have gained popularity as a means of secure data sharing, which avoids moving to a remote physical location to review documents for negotiating an agreement, and also eliminates the costs of legal, photocopying, printing.

A number of Cloud File Sharing Services have created a market for secure file-sharing technology, providing secure servers and document management technology tools to a variety of clients, primarily in the financial services, investment, biotech and legal industries, which do not wish to allocate technical resources to host data rooms on paper.

The modern digital business world means that all files are on the go. The collaborative nature of Hosted Exchange Cloud Services means the ability to securely but easily distribute even the most valuable documents. Secure, fast, and easy file synchronization and distribution make VDR one of the most important prerequisites for most organizations. It can be concluded that the VDR simplifying everyday tasks simplifies day-to-day business tasks, speeds up transactions and saves time and money.

Comprehensive content collaboration with comprehensive visibility and extensive auditing capabilities allow IT teams to maintain Secure Virtual File Sharing. When you drop your files in a box, you simply will not cut them. You need Pro Group Networks for a complete Virtual File Sharing solution.

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