Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Get everything you need in a seamless cloud solution

For running your business, Reliable backup and fast recovery of your data and systems are essential to running your business. Pro Group Network provides a secure Data Recovery Solutions from your virtual and physical servers. On a local appliance or in the cloud, our system provides snapshots of your servers and enables virtualization.

Gain next-generation managed firewall solutions

Stolen data is fueling a highly profitable cybercrime economy and organizations are constantly being attacked.

The risk of data breach entails a need to enhance security and to see and control network traffic, especially at the network perimeter or between network segments of an enterprise.

Within an all-inclusive monthly fee, Pro Group Networks next-generation firewall solution gives you the protection you need. Our security consultants will meet your specific security profile requirements (industry and business) with one of our three managed firewall solutions. By security experts, our Offsite Backup Solutions include the full implementation of the selected solution, an assessment of your needs, and 24/7 real-time continuous monitoring for incident identification and problem resolution.

Simplify and streamline the management and monitoring of your firewall

Our Firewall Monitoring Services provides 24×7 firewall management, log monitoring, and response to device health and safety events. By our certified security analysts, security and health events are correlated in your environment and analyzed, using global threat intelligence and proven expertise to assess threats. When a threat is detected, our experts immediately intervene to counter it and protect your organization.

Protecting your company’s data should not be a chore.

You can protect your data against human errors, hackers and hardware failures.

Because data is critical to your success, the ability to quickly recover and restore lost files and data is imperative. Data backup is useless if it cannot be restored. Pro Group Networks provides Data Recovery Solutions that help you optimize your backup environment by improving efficiency, recovery, and archiving solutions designed to meet your needs, minimize downtime with a backup and improve manageability, flexibility, and scalability.

Pro Group Networks makes sure you stay productive and your information stays protected. Enjoy complete Data Backup Services for your critical business data systems, servers and workstations. Your server and desktop program files will be protected by our service. Get quick access to your entire server in the event of a failure.

Make sure your business growth is uninterrupted

Much of the value of your business resides in the files and data stored on your network and devices. A solid backup and restoration plan is an investment that ensures years of hard work and values are never lost. Nothing less is computer negligence.

Improve data protection, reduce information risk, and ensure access to critical information with our Data Recovery Solutions as a service and backup in the cloud.

Why take the risk? It is not an option to wait till late. We can ease the burden of worry that prevents you from focusing on the fundamentals of your business. Let us implement a plan and infrastructure that will allow you to survive any potential disaster or technological trap.

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