Voice & Data Network Cabling Services

Cabling is the most critical component of your network because it supports your IT and telephone infrastructure. In your IT infrastructure, Cabling is one of the most important investments that you will make.

Your main network infrastructure must be carefully planned to achieve maximum utilization and productivity throughout its useful life. Pro Group Networks can ensure that your structured cabling system is well done, with expertise and attention to detail.

Optimize your existing infrastructure.

It is easy to take Network Cabling Services for granted until your system is slow or becomes unavailable. Remove uncertainty and optimize your existing data, voice, wireless, Internet and cable infrastructure. With the added return of improved productivity and reduced overhead, you get the assurance of integrated error and performance management with our network monitoring solutions and managed network services.

We will rigorously test the connectivity, protocols, bandwidth, and overall performance of your existing network to provide data and a set of specific recommendations. By knowing this information, you decide what makes sense for your organization. Within your IT team, Pro Group Networks designs, implements, and manages a network performance monitoring program covering your local network, databases, applications, WAN, and local area network (VLAN). Together, we will do more than guarantee transparent performance: we will build a Network Cabling & Wiring Services that will quickly and easily serve your business.

Our friendly and competent installers are ready to know your project and your requirements.

Pro Group Networks specializes in providing Network Cabling & Wiring Services to businesses. In past decades, we have successfully served small business clients to fortune 500 companies and continue to be an industry leader in the region.

You can leave everything to us!

Pro Group Networks ensures that your workspace is wired in an organized manner from the start. As such, all sorts of expensive rewiring work can be avoided. Apart from that, we also check the line speeds to certify all the cables so that you know that your company network has been properly installed!

Our Voice & Data Network Cabling Services are performed by BICSI certified professionals who are TIA / EIA certified and tested with Fluke cable analyzers to provide detailed test results in PDF format to our customers in an easy to read format. This ensures a quality installed network, so you can expect maximum reliability and speed of your investment.

Connect the world to a higher level

Good materials and installation practices for today’s advanced connectivity are an investment that should not be taken lightly and can make all the difference in terms of the efficiency of your information systems. Certification means your network will operate at optimum capacity because industry standards for cabling have been met.

Experience doing the work

We have facilities in virtually every type of facility imaginable, including commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, educational, utility, healthcare and laboratory environments. Small move, add, change project to complex project on several campuses; we provide professional service, expert advice and quality work.

Network Cabling Services to Simplify Your Move

Our Voice & Data Network Cabling Services include the installation, service and support of expert consultants who can quickly get your systems up and running.

With Network Monitoring & Maintenance created to help you achieve your goals in the short and long term, your new technology infrastructure can evolve like your business. Contact us before the big day.

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