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Do you want to modernize the way your business gets things done? It’s time to take a closer look at Microsoft Office 365 business solutions to help you streamline your processes and save money.

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Increase the Impact of Your Organization with Office 365 Today

Microsoft Office 365 – a suite of productivity and business collaboration, which allows you to work in new, smart and productive ways, rather complicated to manage. With that growth, you need sophisticated expertise and IT resources specifically for implementation, adjustment, deployment, problem-solving and of course, to keep up with constant change.

And if you don’t do it, then the adjustment challenges can make you unsuccessful in operating and realizing the true value of your investment cloud.

Pro Group Networks provides professional Office 365 Support to all levels of the organization including end users, electricity users, administrators, developers, managers, and C-level executives. From out-of-the-box customization to advanced custom development, we support for everything. We support all Office 365 packages including SharePoint, Team, PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, Planner and more. We help companies get the most out of their Office 365 investments.

Managed Support Services for Office 365

At Pro Group Networks, we realize that one size doesn’t work for all when it comes to getting Microsoft Office 365 Support, which is why we offer a number of options to choose from. Our managed service options include Enterprise, Professional and End User support packages, and each is equipped with predictable expenses and flexible requirements so you can budget accurately and rely on consistent results. Choose between annual plan options and our month to month.

As the backbone of your Microsoft Office 365 Support, the Pro Group Network can help you overcome key challenges with a proven holistic approach to cloud-based support, so you get the most out of your Office 365 investment.

Release the burden of your IT support team with managed support for Office 365

At Pro Group Networks, our goal is to remove the hassle of supporting and managing Office 365 from SMEs and large organizations. Our team will not only help you reach your immediate goals but also free up a lot of the time and resources needed for your IT department, ensuring that efficiency and cooperation are at the heart of what you do.

Pro Group Network – Your Partner for Office 365 Implementation

There are many IT service providers to choose from when it comes to Office 365 Support, but few have the highest level of client expertise and support that we provide.

We will take you through planning, file sharing, email migration, compliance, collaboration and security, and ongoing support. With reliable and professional implementation partners, we utilize our extensive technical experience to help your organization increase its impact and advance its mission with Office 365.

We offer a number of agile support options to match your business needs. ISHIR utilizes its exclusive relationship with Microsoft to provide 24/7/365 Office 365 Support with fast repairs and ongoing support.

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Our company used Pro Group Networks to configure and install our Allworx Phone System. They did a great job at a very reasonable price and had the entire system up and running in no time!

  Michael Prachar, BigGreen IT   

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