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Maximize the value of your investment in the firewall

No matter what size your business is, Cybersecurity has become a top priority to stay abreast of security policies and configurations. It requires expert management and monitoring of leading firewalls and constant vigilance. You need a level of expertise for obtaining the optimal security benefits of a firewall that is often rare in small to midsize organizations with multiple locations.

By complementing industry-leading cybersecurity solutions with a managed service, Pro Group Networks bridges this gap that simplifies implementation and management. So without the cost of dedicated onsite IT staff, it becomes easy for any-size office or operation to have enterprise-class security.

So, what is managed firewall service?

By qualified Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Managed Firewall is a service provided to address security threats and monitor your network traffic to understand what it looks like. You can easily identify and correct an atypical use. Security professionals who monitor your network will provide analysis and reporting as a part of the managed firewall package.

Typically, the managed firewall service includes:

  • Application Control – to maximize employee productivity on any device, block or rate limit applications or specific features.
  • Web Content Filtering – by exploiting a threat database, block access to malicious or objectionable websites that categorize websites based on their content.

As there are many managed firewall service providers, so it may be difficult to know which service is best for your business, especially if you are not familiar with the security product landscape.

This is where Pro Group Networks can help you. Based on a personalized and comprehensive assessment of your needs, our team of experts can help you determine which Managed Firewall Services are right for you. Best of all, we can help you set up, install and maintain your managed firewall service and act as a point of contact between your company and the provider.

Make Managed firewall as your first line of defense.

Protecting your business from malicious threats, Firewalls play a major role. Pro Group Networks offers a variety of dedicated, shared, managed, co-managed, and monitored NextGen Firewall Solutions that free you from the maintenance of your resource-intensive firewall.

Pro Group Networks Managed Firewall Solutions provides 24/7 firewall management and monitoring for NextGen’s advanced UTM and contextual content capabilities and monitors threats using Analytics Networks and the threat management of Pro Group Networks. Whether it’s providing hardware or managing and monitoring what you already have, you have more time to focus on your core business skills while providing security expertise.

By a qualified team of certified security professionals, Pro Group Networks security services are fully supported worldwide and will provide operational protection to your network and infrastructure resources.

We will do all the work so you can continue your work

As a managed cybersecurity service provider, to address any cybersecurity gaps through managed service offerings we work as an extension of your business, such as initial deployment and configuration, ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reporting.

Our Managed Firewall Monitoring Services are essential for businesses that do not have the resources or expertise to provide continuous protection and a strong cybersecurity presence.

Let us increase your performance, reduce your downtime and ensure that your security stays ahead of the cybercriminals.

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