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Enhancing Computer Network Security to Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Secure computer networks are an intrinsic part of HIPAA’s strategy to fully transform national patent health records into electronic formats, which can be easily exchanged between different institutions such as health care providers, insurance providers and administrators. As a result, health care organizations can efficiently manage the documentation process in a minimum of time and provide better services to patients. But today’s computer systems are vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks, which steal or destroy important data. To protect patient health information there are network security rules, which need to be followed so that hospitals can achieve Complete HIPAA Compliance Services Tacoma.

Pro Group Networks As Your HIPAA Compliance Partner

Pro Group Networks provides HIPAA Compliance Services Tacoma to companies throughout the country, including several leading healthcare providers, technology companies and insurance providers. These companies have chosen Pro Group Networks because of our unique combination of experience in HIPAA privacy and security and our commitment to client service.

Strengthen security postures and identify weaknesses with consultative risk assessments when navigating complex HIPAA Compliance Services Tacoma.

Get an overview of the main things you need to do and the capability solutions needed to overcome the challenges of HIPAA Compliance For It Providers Tacoma

The priority for every health professional is to reduce risk. A healthier world starts with risk assessment and HIPAA Compliance Solutions Tacoma. Without a safe exchange of patient data, health facilities are vulnerable to violations that can expose patient and employee personal data. Exposure to high profile data damages the reputation of the practice, erodes public trust, and often results in legal & financial consequences. Our team of Complete HIPAA Compliance Services Tacoma can help you meet the challenges of security and compliance in the modern world by collaborating with you on a comprehensive threat assessment to protect your data without straining your staff or your budget.

Our HIPAA Compliance Solutions Tacoma includes provisions to maintain the privacy of protected health information (PHI). HIPAA rules apply to protected entities, which include medical providers, employer health plans and insurance companies that handle patient data.

Prevent Patient Data Breach and AVOID Expensive HIPAA Fines

Your practice risks a large Federal fine unless you follow the strict rules needed to protect your patient’s personal health information. The Federal Government cracks down on all medical and health-related operations like yours and incurs millions of dollars in fines for violating HIPAA Safety Rules.

Our HIPAA Compliance requirements apply to all health service providers, health plans, and health clearing institutions, as well as entities that interact with them by exchanging PHI. They must review their security measures regularly to adjust to new and emerging threats to the privacy and security of patient information.

Let us help you with your HIPAA needs

We offer a variety of HIPAA Compliance For It Providers Tacoma including assessments, network scanning and documentation, business continuity plans, and more. We not only provide you with the complete set of HIPAA documentation required under the Security Rules but also offer the ongoing expert IT services that you need to solve the HIPAA-related IT problems that we have found.


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