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Last year Matt LaSarso, co-owner of Solution Specialty Pharmacy in Las Vegas Nevada, contacted us because their current IT service provider was not meeting their needs for fast, high quality service.

Solution Specialty Pharmacy is a prestigious pharmaceutical company that specializes in formulating prescription medicine, in accordance to custom doctor orders.

It is a tedious but indispensable job that only accounts for 1% of all prescription orders. It’s challenging but they are very passionate about their work… and so am I.

Their Diagnosis From the IT Doctor.

A previous client referred Solution Specialty Pharmacy to us because they had complained about their slow network performance, and had an immediate need to bring a file server and application server into the network. On top of this, several of their computers were out-dated or were in need of replacement.

According to Matt LaSarso, their previous IT company was often very slow to respond – whether it be a simple question, or major crisis.

“We’d contact someone and wouldn’t hear back for awhile. They didn’t realize how important our systems were to us.” Says LaSarso.

This company’s computer system was absolutely vital to their survival, because they rely on two separate systems for making and dispensing products. Should one system fail, the other goes down with it.

Fast and efficient IT solutions are absolutely necessary for the company’s continuance.

The Magic Pill.

We realized right away that we needed to act fast to get Solution Specialty Pharmacy up to speed and performing to their full potential.

We promptly implemented eight highly effective solutions:

  1. We replaced the older computers, and worked on a plan to get the next level of aging computers replaced.
  2. We installed our management service (ProCare)
  3. We removed all viruses and malware.
  4. We did all of the Microsoft Security Updates and took over their patch management.
  5. We replaced their firewall with a more up to date unit, and provided VPN access to one of their vendors.
  6. We installed the new server, and moved all data to a network share. We then mapped everyone to the share.
  7. Implemented an onsite and offsite backup to secure their data.
  8. Provided detailed reports on how the system is working, and a projection of future issues.

They were able to measure their results.

Long term, we are Solution Speciality Pharmacy’s managed services provider. We have our ProCare client on all their workstations and server, and we manage their firewall and virus protection.

It is so important to us to ensure their network is tight and secure from all possible problems.

“Tim’s positive attitude on how things can work is what makes his company stand out. There was a major problem with the system and within an hour Tim was there to get everyone together. He’s saved the day on more than one occasion.” Says LaSarso.

The After-Effects.

My team understands the importance of speed, efficiency, and knowledge during an IT crisis. That’s why we guarantee prompt 24-hour help desk support, and network security management that you can rely on.

“We’d contact Tim and within minutes someone would get back to us. When we tell them what we’re looking for, they understand completely, even when we don’t know the IT language. With them, everything is possible given their knowledge base.” Says LaSarso.

He then continues to say:

“If I had to choose a word to describe Pro Group Networks, it would be…Responsive. Tim answers his phone, answers questions, and answers his emails every time. That’s the major difference compared to the previous company’s we’ve dealt with.”

What You Can Learn From Them

It is always my ultimate goal to save my clients time, money and stress from unexpected IT disasters. I aim to build not only a business relationship, but also a friendship that you can rely on and trust.

The final outcome always has been, and always will be… a Happy Client.

“You couldn’t afford not to call Tim and give him a chance“

  • Matt LaSarso, Co-owner of Solution Specialty Pharmacy.

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Pro Group is a very talented, professional company in their field. They have done all the I.T. work for both our offices and I was very happy both times. They have also done troubleshooting for us on various occasions and has been a real life saver. I would recommend Pro Group Networks to anyone.

  Ken Henderson, BESTAgency   

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