How Faulty Wiring May Destroy Your Business

Computer ConsultingMiller-Woodlawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is a very well known cemetery and funeral service company based in Bremerton, WA. They have been in business for nearly 80 years, and in that time have built a reputation for excellence and all-around compassionate service.

John Van de Water is the General Sales Manger at Miller-Woodland, and a valued client of Pro Group Networks . In the following Van de Water will elaborate on his IT experience while working with the Pro Group Networks team.

Too Many People In The Kitchen

When we arrived at Miller-Woodland, they had attempted to perform their own low volt wiring. They would often hire local companies to assist with their network, each having their own solution for the problem at hand – which caused even more confusion.

We immediately identified the following problems:

  • Their network was down due to a new cable modem installed by Comcast
  • Fiber was running to three separate locations
  • Their current equipment was “Home based”, very old, and failing them

While attempting to address their current situation, we discovered that one of their 8 switches had failed. It was the first switch in their chain of switches, which dropped their entire network. We immediately set them up with a loaner switch, while we waited for a new commercial switch for their network.

“All of our contracts are computer generated, and everything needs to go back to our Houston office. So without Internet connectivity we’re dead in the water.” Explains Van de Water.

Starting Over, Yet Again

We immediately implemented several technological and service solutions to address their needs. These amenities include:

  • We toned and removed about 75lbs of wire
  • Rerouted existing wire
  • Replaced all their network devices
  • Set up a wireless network that covered their entire building
  • Cleaned up any wiring that was exposed
  • Added fluke wiring toners
  • Added fluke test equipment

“Over the years people just kept sticking things in our network as a quick fix, we were basically working with a Frankenstein system. Pro Group Networks recommended replacing everything – their proposal was more than reasonable, and we haven’t had any problems since then.” Says Van de Water.

We are pleased to say that the Miller-Woodlawn team are now operating on a network that is stable and capable of withstanding all of their needs.

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When Pro Group Networks would come into my store to worked. While Pro Group was in my store they were all business, nothing distracted them from the job; They always finished their work when they said they would. They are a valuable resource. I would hire them back in a heartbeat.

  Karen Williams-Boyer, At Your Service Pet Supplies   

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