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In today’s competitive world, it has become somewhat imperative for organizations to provide their suppliers, customers and other stakeholders with a seamless means of communication. Companies with poor communication channels face significant delays, disconnected calls, blurry audio, and so on which have a negative impact on their productivity. In such scenarios, a cloud-based phone system comes to the rescue to help build a strong customer base and develop sustainable internal partnerships.

In the cloud, Cloud Based VoIP Systems has its home. In other words, the data is stored securely on a virtual server accessible via the Internet. Able to replace traditional fixed lines in the most efficient way, a small business cloud phone system is provided by Pro Group Networks.

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From the moment you become a Pro Group Networks customer, you are fully assisted by a team of product and customer success experts who understand the Cloud Based Voip Systems and can help you keep your phone system running smoothly. In addition to providing 24/7 customer support, Pro Group Networks ensures the success of its customers with complete and free integration.

Transform your business with VoIP hosted on the cloud

Pro Group Networks partners with the best providers of VOIP phone systems to offer you VOIP solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Cloud-hosted VoIP delivers the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reliability you need for your enterprise communications. And unlike traditional PBX systems, it comes without expensive setup and bulky hardware. Cloud Hosted Voip For Business installation is fast, and you can seamlessly integrate multiple sites.

Planned to facilitate your business: a cloud-based VoIP system

ur professional products for VoIP, videoconferencing and contact centers are all cloud-based, freeing you from additional equipment and allowing you to work anywhere. Join your communications under one roof.

Upgrade your business phone system with Cloud Hosted Voip For Business and advanced business communications to give your customers the best possible experience.

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Pro Group Networks is proud to offer Allworx Phone System For Business. Allworx VoIP solutions are ideal for businesses that are fed up with expensive phone bills and want to upgrade to an enterprise-class communications platform. Allworx offers its customers the increased flexibility they need to operate as they wish.

Allworx offers businesses solutions designed to be easy to use. No company wants to implement a technology that will end up being a difficult point. Pro Group Networks has the knowledge and experience to implement and support an efficient and feature-rich Allworx VoIP platform.

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With our Cloud Based Voip Phone Systems, it’s easier to have more control over your communications. Set the rules for recording calls by extension, throughout your organization or for your multichannel contact center. Access your system remotely. And since switching is simple, you will be quickly operational.

Connect a VoIP phone system to your Internet connection. Install our feature-rich apps on your employee’s smartphones. Create a desktop phone system and talk, chat, fax, text, videoconference, etc., in any office, at home or on the road.

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