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Allworx Business Phone Systems for Busy Office Workspace

Technology has revolutionized the way we enjoy the amenities of our lives. Today, you can find many types of sophisticated gadgets offering convenience and ease of use. Whether it’s your home or office, there are many types of sophisticated gadgets available to be on par with your space.

There are many modes of communication like phone calls, texting, voicemail, email, chat, and even snail mail. But in a business, or big multinational company, there requires a strong mode of communication to raise the workplace standard. This communication could be within staff members, employees, clients or customers, but the whole goal of these communications is to make the business a profitable one. Today, most small and big businesses are focusing on Allworx phone system for business Tacoma. Why? It is one of the most affordable and the fastest modes of VoIP communication. Let’s understand what Allworx phone system is all about.

What is the Allworx Phone System?
Allworx phone system is also known as an all in One VoIP communication system. This is a special class of business phones that are particularly designed for a busy workplace. With the help of business phone systems in Tacoma, you can share your contact details easily. Another great feature is that you can remotely access this business phone from your mobile device. Isn’t that wonderful? Certainly, this is a great mode of communication to stay connected with your workplace; even you are flying for a business meeting. You can use your business phone from anywhere you desire, from your home, while on a business trip overseas or at a party with friends.

Business Phone System for your Office
Allworx phone system for business Tacoma offers you to stay in touch with your employees located at single or multiple locations. You can make calls or receive calls, just with a single touch. You can also make 3 way calls and put someone on hold to transfer it to the support desk. Allworx phones allow you to check your past and present call history status and at the same time, you can also benefit from the call conferencing feature.

Custom Settings and Preferences
Pro Group Networks offer Allworx phone systems which can be customized as per your business requirements. You can handle any type of call without worry and find out who is available and customize your profile, as per your needs. In an emergency, you can record the voicemail of your clients and feel free to check back later.

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As the edge of technology is constantly changing, Allworx offers the option to automatically backup your data and crucial files without the fear of loss or theft. Indeed, you will avail the multiple network interface support that can be managed from a particular location. Don’t you desire to have such type of system in your business? If yes, then contact ‘Pro Group Networks’. Get Analog or VoIP communication mode or a dual-mode, as per your business needs. For further information related to this business phone system, you can contact 253-265-5180 or drop an email at [email protected].


Pro Group Networks has exceeded my expectations and the expectations of many of the clients I have sent them over the last 10 years. Pro Group Networks is a true solution provider for all technology.

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